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pizza ovens

Oven with FIXED cooking surface

The oven is built by refractory vibrated material with high aluminia and guarantees a better thermal stability. All oven are prepared to be insert our special gas burners. Robust metal reinforced support. The dome and the cooking surface are smooth and compact without the presence of air bubbles. The surface is positioned inside the dome and can be replaced without demolishing the oven. In fitted ovens, the cooking surface is supplied in a single piece of 80 mm thick. The cooking surface in the “Rome”; model weighs more than 380kg. In ovens in assembly kit, the cooking surface is supplied in 5 wedges of 60 mm thick.




The curvature of the dome has a spherical shape that provides maximum ventilation and combustion of wood. The height from the floor to the roof and firing of 44 cm. The Dome is situated external to the base.


The insulation is made with ceramic fibre resistant up to 1,400 ° C with a minimum thickness of 20cm.




We use two types of insulation less than 12 cm in total. Under the oven the temperature is only 30 ° C giving considerable energy savings.




The sill is 35 cm and protected by concrete material.

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Oven chamber 2.png
Oven Chamber.png

Galvanised metallic panels

Smoke Flue Connection Ø 20 cm

Upper Insulation in ceramic fiber

Front arc


Cooking base with lower insulation 8 cm

and lower insulation of 4 cm

Robust metal tank

Oven metal support

Gas burner with atmospheric system - VEN 2

Digital control framework

Flame regulation knob

Gas burner with forced air system - pow

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