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Mamma Biga® 

The next best thing to happen to the world of pizza! 


With the number of pizzerias growing exponentially in recent years wishing to use modern techniques of pre-fermentation in their doughs where the temperature is crucial, pizza makers all over the world are facing the problem of consistency in their technique due to the impossibility of adding to their workplace those huge and expensive leavening cells which are bulky for the most small kitchens in pizzerias or restaurants.

Mamma Biga® is the smallest retarder prover cabinets available on the market that can be positioned virtually anywhere both vertically and horizontally under a common work table for the best results!

With the stainless steel immersion probe, the temperature can be measured from the central part of any dough for incredible precision not available until now and also allows you to insert the flour inside for the dough for the next day! It will be shipped with a choice of possible combinations of plastic containers so that the user can adapt it to his particular needs!


0 ° - 30 ° Temperature range

Up to 20kg of Preferment dough and 20 kg of flour

Stainless steel probe for core measurements

Multifunction easy to read display 

Stainless steel door with magnet

Optional heavy duty wheels for easy transportation

Vertical or horizontal positioning 

Multitude of trays available to choose from 

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