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Neapolitan Series

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Today the Neapolitan pizza is being exported all over the world with great results, but not all the ovens are up to it. ForniDorigo has designed and created the Ciro, different from the existing traditional ones and suitable for Neapolitan pizza, that is high temperatures with homogeneous cooking and in a very short time, without burning the pizza base. 

Created with the help of  industry professionals, our Ciro oven brings tradition into the future with the use of  gas burners that guarantee the cooking of  the pizza in 1 minute and electric resistances to reduce energy consumption, facilitating the work of  the baker. Available electric, wood fired , with gas burner and hybrid system.

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Electric version

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The result of  in-depth tests our electric oven combines technology with tradition, offering the power and precision necessary to cook the perfect pizza!  Reaching temperatures above 500 degrees the oven can be used to cook Neapolitan pizza in 90 seconds which requires higher temperatures and for purists it can also be supplied with the “Biscotto” di Sorrento cooking surface, also suitable with reduced temperatures, for cooking any type of  pizza.  The model with a rotating hob offers greater productivity than ovens with a fixed hob. because it is not necessary to turn the pizzas and there is no risk of  burning them. The pizzas are taken out of  the oven when the alarm sounds.  The rotation ensures a homogeneous temperature and offers constant cooking and use becomes simple even for less experienced operators. A small shovel is used because the pizzas are always baked in front of  the inlet.

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Special resistances arranged in daisy shaped  with four times the area compared to the normal resistances used, specific for high temperatures in high irradiation Incoloy and which guarantee greater cooking uniformity 

15Kw of total power that allow you to cook 50 pizzas with a consumption of only 3kw

Large internal sill culminating in external marble

Cooking chamber in refractory material for thermal mass and greater energy savings


Horizontal air cut for greater internal heat retention and less external heat dispersion


Double internal lighting


Mouth and arch in wrought iron


Digital control panel with management programmed by the Power relays and soon with Touch Screen


3 power modes to adapt it to any style

Two independent temperatures with separate heating system between ceiling and floor

High performance insulation for heat retention

Modern digital multifunction control panel

Assembled or assembled at your premises. 4 decomposable components. Disassembled into 4 pieces to allow access through a normal 85cm wide door

Aesthetics with white dome or mosaic with stones to be finished. 

It can be installed in any environment thanks to the range of finishes available

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Wood, Hybrid and gas version

Pizzus legna:gas.jpg

Available in both wood-fired, gas and even hybrids. In hybrid ovens, the burner is positioned on the back of the cooking surface and the wood can be placed in either sides of the cooking surface. You can also opt for an additional gas burner under the cooking surface for maximum recovery of the heat lost in moments of intense work.

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The oven is shipped assembled or to be assembled on site in just one day. Two types of upper insulation in ceramic fiber and fire-retardant gypsum fiber for minimal external heat dispersion. Outside temperature below 45 degrees.

Customizable mosaic. Perfect for cooking Neapolitan pizza at over 400 degrees with minimal frontal heat loss, and 3cm marble sill. 5cm “Biscotto” di Sorrento cooking surface approved by Neapolitan pizza associations, resting on a 6cm thermal refraction surface.

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The curvature of the dome has a spherical shape that provides maximum ventilation and combustion of wood. The height from the floor to the roof and firing of 44 cm and the Dome is situated external to the base 




The insulation is made with ceramic fiber resistant up to 1,400 ° C with a minimum thickness of 20cm.



We use two types of insulation less than 12 cm in total. Under the oven the temperature is only 30 ° C giving considerable energy savings.




The sill is 35 cm and protected by concrete material.

Rotation system

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The ovens with the rotating base offer greater productivity than fixed ones. It is not necessary to turn the pizzas and there is no risk of burning them. Just bring them out when the warning sounds. The rotation ensures homogeneous temperature and a constant cooking process. The use is even for inexperienced operators. A small shovel is used because the pizzas are baked in front of the opening.

Control pannel

Controll pannel.jpg

The control panel shown is equipped with:

General power button

2 detection probes

Custom cooking timer

Sound warning at the end of the cooking cycle

Hob cooling sound warning

Hob direction selector

General emergency button

Infrared plate or gas burner ignition key

Underfloor heating

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In our rotating ovens, you can choose between a gas burner or an electric resistance positioned under the cooking surface, while in fixed ovens we can apply an electrical resistance four times the area compared to normal resistances, specific for high temperatures in high irradiation Incoloy to ensure immediate recovery of the thermal drop. The added heat source means that the oven can be used in the most intense moments of work without waiting between one batch and the next for the cooking surface to recover the lost heat, allowing the oven to be used to its maximum capacity.

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