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The machine is not designed to handle impurities or fumes that are toxic, corrosive or harmful to the environment.

The operating fluid must be water; the use of different substances and / or additives such as salt, antifreeze, alcohol, etc. is not envisaged.

The installation requires watertight 316 stainless steel pipes, without covering elements (Chinese hats, etc.).

The blast chiller must be installed on a flat, non-slippery surface capable of supporting the weight of the operating machine and of the operators / maintenance personnel. If the machine is placed on a mezzanine, this must be fixed to the wall and / or with chains to the ceiling, and the machine must be fixed to the mezzanine itself;

The machine can be adapted, after consulting with the technicians of the manufacturing company, to flues having a diameter different from the inlet-outlet of the machine itself, or to operate with post-treatment filters suitable for eliminating steam and residual odors.

It is advisable not to use more curved sections in the flue than strictly necessary, and never with downward sections after the machine. If it is necessary for installation to add a number of curves greater than 3, or solutions that appear to be of a certain complexity, consult the manufacturer.

1. Technical data


Overall dimensions (LXWXH) 450x600x650 40 cm more vertical for

the aspirator



Weight 40 kg empty, 65 kg full



316 stainless steel material



Pump delivery 35 l / m



Power 0.37 Kw



Absorption 4.6A 230V



Smoke flow rate between 200 and 1000 mc / h (aspirated)



Temp. Exit about 50 degrees

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